Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Joy of Memories

Merry Christmas everyone!
The last few days have been a whirlwind of activities: making sure all the gifts were secured, planning for family that will be here tomorrow, and then playing secret Santa for our kids last night. I'm sure you can relate- only probably with other family activities thrown in.
So as the night was winding down we started to prepare for our Santa arrival: the kids sat out cookies and milk, wrote letters to Santa, we picked up the house for the hundredth time, and plugged the camcorder in to charge (we always record Christmas morning). My husband took a sneak peak at the last recording and decided we all needed to enjoy a little of what he saw. What a joyous way to spend Christmas Eve!
As our little family intently watched some home video the night seemed to wind down peacefully. The kids stopped asking every few minutes when Santa would be here. The hubby and I got a good belly laugh and even witnessed a few humbling moments. We continued to watch well into the night after the kids were in bed. I even finished a 2 hour tape.
Christmas is a great time for making memories and we always want to pull out the camcorder to capture those moments... but how often do we go back and watch those precious memories? My guess is not often enough.
So in our house I think a new tradition at Christmas will not be to just make memories, but to remember past ones as well.

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