Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Christmas Gift

Each year my sweet husband and I have gone through the song and dance of asking "what do you want for Christmas?". Only to have one another respond with one of the following: I don't know, I'll be happy with whatever, or just surprise me!

All truth be told these statements just aren't true! While I have used the various kitchen gadgets he's bought over the years; they weren't ever just right. I know, I'm awful.

 Hang in there it gets better... Nearly every article of clothing or pair of shoes has been returned for the correct size, a better color, or something different all together. Seriously... Just say it, awful! 
Okay, okay I know... I need to work on my ability to be more thankful and less picky. It's a serious character flaw! I am working on it... I promise!

With that said, this year I decided maybe I would just tell him or hey why not go a step further and just order my hearts desire. I can still tell he's determined to give me a surprise and I love him for it. 

"So, what's my hearts desire this year?" you ask... Some new riding boots - brown because I don't have any and black because mine are showing signs of serious love. I ordered these during black friday and used a coupon code... allowing me to get an awesome deal on these!

 Plus a new to me bible... Not because I don't have one or even need a new one... But because I can't wait to dive in and read the Geneva Bible. Not sure what it is? Check it out... watch this video by Kirk Cameron that tells about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkfUM-Ir58M or  see it here: http://christianreader.com/1599-geneva-bible-black-bonded-leather-edition-cd-rom/.

What about you... Do you tell all, leave one another hanging, or completely surprise each other? 
What's on your Christmas list? 
I'd love to know. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our new address

Depending on what TV/radio station you listen to or what critics opinion you read... Our current economic situation varies. In our area jobs have moved out and people are finding themselves wondering what to do next.

Lucky for us we had a little foresight that things would soon be changing. Due to that we were able to put our house up for sale and get it under contract before loads of other homes hit the market. Now it seems the market is saturated and houses are sitting for sale much longer.

It's been 2 months of a whirlwind...pack, move to a 2 bedroom duplex, close on an old homestead (that we could build on one day), pay off various debts, start homeschooling, and work the local consignment event. We've celebrated my Hubby's 42nd birthday and our 14th anniversary.. Did I say whirlwind?

Fast forward 3 months.. We found a home closer to hubby's work: our price, 5 acres, and in a small town. So exciting! Here we go again... Pack, move, unpack, homeschool, ball practice, life groups, deer season, etc. That whirlwind hasn't stopped quite yet, but we are loving every moment. 

For the first time in our marriage we own 2 homes. Scary? Not really. God has really given us a peace about everything. We feel privileged to have all we do and are getting promptings from God of things that we are to do with/at each home. 

If you are reading this I pray you are standing where God needs and wants you. A wiser woman recently said, "you can't bless others in areas where God hasn't gifted you.". 

Give it all to him and no matter where you are or your current address he will use it all for his glory!

Monday, September 17, 2012


    Do you have those freak out moments when you wish that life could rewind and you could take back the incident that just occurred? Well, I recently had one of those moments... and it was a pretty awful one.
     After a long day of attempting to homeschool my kids I felt beat down and to say the least- not worthy. My oldest had pushed my buttons until they were permanently stuck and my patience had become non-existent. Then instead of things getting better after Daddy arrived home- they just escalated to the next level.  She added one more smart-mouthed comment and I came unglued! What ensued next left her with a small red handprint close to her rear and me the feeling that she needed to be taken to the closest public school and enrolled before I strangled her. Okay so not literally but I had to go to my room and close the door to get away from it all. Once in there I realized that the bathtub still had cleaner in it from earlier in the day... thankfully cleaning calms me down and helps me think- so I started scrubbing, which led to sobbing, and eventually praying.
     Do I tell this because I am proud of it? NO, actually quite the opposite... I am appalled at my reaction! However, since that moment I have been spending time in prayer and the bible trying to figure out the root cause of my explosion moment. God is also hard at work trying to help me... every place I turn seems to be a slap in the face of the bad choice I made at that moment. So when I found out that the ladies group at church would be covering the book "Unglued" by Lysa Terkeurst I knew God had something in store for me within that group and in the pages of this book.
    Today we had our first meeting to discuss chapters 1 and 2.. can I just say- this is going to be a great book! When you can find yourself in the first chapter of a book it's usually a good indicator of something you will be able to learn from. This book addresses those "raw" emotions that all of us deal with... especially as women. So for the next 8 weeks I am opening myself up to the lesson(s) God has in store for me with this study. Along with this study I have devoted myself to an in depth study of Colossians with another group of wonderful ladies. Yes, I am ready for a detox and some deep growth.
    Please join me (if you would like) and learn what it is that really triggers your raw emotions and how God intends for you to truly handle them.
    I'm excited and ready for the improved mother and wife that will come from the knowledge I gain.