Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our new address

Depending on what TV/radio station you listen to or what critics opinion you read... Our current economic situation varies. In our area jobs have moved out and people are finding themselves wondering what to do next.

Lucky for us we had a little foresight that things would soon be changing. Due to that we were able to put our house up for sale and get it under contract before loads of other homes hit the market. Now it seems the market is saturated and houses are sitting for sale much longer.

It's been 2 months of a whirlwind...pack, move to a 2 bedroom duplex, close on an old homestead (that we could build on one day), pay off various debts, start homeschooling, and work the local consignment event. We've celebrated my Hubby's 42nd birthday and our 14th anniversary.. Did I say whirlwind?

Fast forward 3 months.. We found a home closer to hubby's work: our price, 5 acres, and in a small town. So exciting! Here we go again... Pack, move, unpack, homeschool, ball practice, life groups, deer season, etc. That whirlwind hasn't stopped quite yet, but we are loving every moment. 

For the first time in our marriage we own 2 homes. Scary? Not really. God has really given us a peace about everything. We feel privileged to have all we do and are getting promptings from God of things that we are to do with/at each home. 

If you are reading this I pray you are standing where God needs and wants you. A wiser woman recently said, "you can't bless others in areas where God hasn't gifted you.". 

Give it all to him and no matter where you are or your current address he will use it all for his glory!

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