Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

Wow, it's hard to believe that a new year is already here. I think the saying is true that the days pass faster when you are older (if middle age counts). With that in mind I plan to make the most of 2012 that I possibly can. Like most people I am tired of looking back at past years, months, and days and feeling like I didn't use my time in the best possible way.
So to make it short and sweet... here are a few of my Goals for 2012:
  • do a chronological study of my Bible. I will be using to help me accomplish this. 
  • devote each morning to the Lord- I will be waking up early to make sure I get in some much needed time with him each day.
  • pray for the Lord to place a mentor in my life- I feel this is something we all need- someone to keep us accountable to what the Lord is calling us to do.
  • Read books to help me keep my focus on the Lord, my husband, and my kids
  • Pray for the Lord to lead me to an area of ministry where I can actively serve others. 
  • plan one family activity each month outside of the normal routine (visit a museum, go to movie,take a field trip, etc.)
  • set down as a family for short devotionals 5 times each week. 
  • schedule a date night once a month for the Hubby and I
  • plan individual kid dates each month (out for ice cream,bike ride, etc)
  • take a vacation
  • invite another family over once a month to just hangout and fellowship
  • eat homemade, unprocessed foods no less than 75% of the time. hopefully more! 
  • use cash for purchases
  • pay off debt (just a little to go)
  • begin saving 3-6 months of expenses 
  • fund 401k at max
  • put $ aside for christmas 2012
  • pay the kids allowances for chores and teach them how to use it wisely
  • read 2 or more books each month
  • complete the JOY Dare
  • walk 3 miles- at least 3 times each week
  • limit TV time
  • limit internet time
  • get involved in Church or Small group activities
  • send cards to people more (birthdays, encouragement, etc.)
  • cut down caffeine intake
  • get Healthy (yes I have some weight I would like to drop, but more importantly I want to be fit and active- we already eat a healthier diet)
There are other things that will be goals for the year, but this is the gist of it. I hope 2012 finds you searching to do more with the time God has blessed you with!

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