Monday, December 19, 2011

Preparing for Illness

As Fall comes to an end and Winter draws near I become increasingly aware of the coming illnesses that could creep into my home. With that thought I could run out and purchase a variety of cold remedies from the store shelf or I can choose to care for my family's needs in another way. As my family moves to a more natural lifestyle I am constantly seeking out healthier alternatives. Here are a few tips shared by other bloggers:
Keeper of the Home is one of my favorite bloggers here area few of her selections:
homemade cough and cold syrup
cold kicker remedy
boosting immune system
homeopathic solutions
drink your silver
good practice with herbs
here is another post on Keeper of the Home courtesy of Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama with tips for the "sick season"!
Simple Organic has a few more:
5 simple home remedies
save $$$ on your natural remedies cabinet
how to naturally clean a house after illness
garlic poultice
I hope you find a new remedy for your family in the selections above or on your own. We keep a variety of natural tinctures around our home and have found that when paired with an organic whole foods diet we are less likely to become sick or stay sick for very long.

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