Friday, March 16, 2012

too BUSY for what

Remember that busy signal that we use to all hear when we would call a friend's house... well those days are pretty much gone. With all the new technology that continuously comes out on the market; I doubt we will ever hear that dreaded sound again. Yet, in my house and in all the houses of people I know, we are busier than ever!
Or maybe we aren't... think of all the things that we don't do now that people used to:

  • sewing our clothing
  • cooking everything from scratch
  • gardening
  • raising our own meats
  • canning our vegetables
  • making our jellies/jams
etc, etc... the list could go on and on! Now some of you may very well do each and every one of these things listed above (kuddos to you- you lead a much desired simple life), but for those that do not your list may look like this:
  • music practice at 5:30 (Tues. & Thurs.)
  • dance at 7 (Mon., Wed., and Fri.)
  • ball games Saturday morning
  • church on sunday and wednesday
  • pick up dry-cleaning after work on Thursday
  • homework for 2 hours after getting home
  • bath routines/bedtime stories
  • clean, cook, etc.
I agree... most of us are very busy!!! 
In our household we really are not all that busy...
I cook and clean, make foods from scratch when wanted/necessary, sew/craft on occasion, have kids that play sports, spend time with friends, exercise, read, shop, homeschool, go to church, etc, etc. 
However, it is all done in moderation and with limits. We do have an occasional crazy stressful day or week or maybe even month, but it always passes as we know it will. 
We try to remember that God created us in his image... with that in mind- Jesus was busy during his time on earth, but he also stopped and took the time to SLOW down and notice others. We want to do that and to teach our children to do that. We don't always get it right and I'm sure on more occasion than one have missed a great opportunity to show God's great LOVE to someone. 
So here are my questions for you:
  1. take a look at your life... how busy are you?
  2. are the things that keep you busy honoring God?
  3. is there something you need to prune back or completely weed out?
  4. are you busy because you have trouble saying NO to others?
  5. if you like being busy, why? is it to avoid something or someone?
  6. what do you miss out on by being so busy?
Now that spring is around the corner and you can feel the freshness in the air... please take a time out... go on a walk and smell the blooms, go camping and listen to nature, plan a picnic to the park, something/anything... and really think about it.
If God took the time out for us- he deserves for us to take the time out for him!
You're too busy for what? 
I may use my time for something that someone else can't understand, but I pray I'm never too busy to share God's great LOVE! And I pray the same for you!

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